In 2011, Anthony Whitehead and I co-produced the Rideau Timescapes App and we maintained it for free on the Apple app store for five years. In 2017, Anthony passed award unexpectedly.  You can read about Anthony here or you can view a few of the thoughts I shared about my friend and colleague on twitter here.

Anthony shouldered the task of keeping the Rideau Timescapes App running out of a server in his office.  After 5 years, the app was becoming in need of a significant overhaul to update it.  We had hoped that a new phase in the Timescapes Project would allow us to do this, but now that prospect appears unlikely in the short term.

The app is currently unavailble at the app store and I do not have a timeline for when it might be possible to make it available again.  Apologies to anyone looking for it.